Brampton Soccer Club GNFC Wins Niagara Cup

In a thrilling display of soccer prowess, a Brampton soccer club and BAS Masters’ frontrunners, GNFC, showcased their skills at the Punjab United Invitational Soccer Tournament in Niagara Falls on Saturday, December 2nd. The tournament, a battleground for elite soccer teams, culminated in an intense Championship clash that left spectators on the edge of their […]

Special Meeting of the Membership

The BAS Board of Directors has called a Special General Meeting of the membership scheduled for Sunday, Oct 29th at 6:30pm at the Save Max Sports Centre (Community Room #1). The Board proposes the following changes to our Bylaw to retain compliance with the new Ontario Not-For-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA) including, but not limited to: […]

Poor Air Quality Advisory

At the time of this post, BAS has not postponed any matches due to poor air quality resulting from the forest fires currently burning in many provinces. We will do so, however, if advised by regional health authorities, and/or the City of Brampton, and/or Ontario Soccer. In the meantime, players are advised to take precautions […]

Inclement Weather Protocol

The weather doesn’t always co-operate. It would be great if it rained every Tuesday and Thursday after midnight for 3 hours and then stopped. Fields would be lovely and your matches would never be affected. While we always hope for sunny conditions for soccer in Brampton, Mother Nature often has other plans. You may check […]

Free Advertising for BAS Members

Member Advertising offers free advertising to any member actively participating in a Brampton Adult Soccer Program. Active Participants are defined as individuals registered and participating in the currently active session/season. If you are, for example, playing on a team during the Summer 2023 session, you may submit an advertisement for display for the full duration of the Summer 2023 […]