Congratulations, Argentina

What did we just witness? 

I’m not talking about what the pundits are calling the “greatest match of all time” (did they catch the first 80 minutes?), but the entire Qatar 2022 spectacle.  You’d be hard-pressed to argue with FIFA boss Infantino that this was the best World Cup ever.  For starters, there were the obvious accolades: more goals than any previous World Cup, more saved penalties (incl. shoot outs) than any previous World Cup, cleanest World Cup ever (least cards), the best ever performance by an African side, and – of course – the “written-in-the-stars” crowning of Lionel Messi as perhaps (cue the dissent) the greatest footballer of all time (GFOAT?).  And all of this perhaps (more dissent?) outweighs all the controversy that plagued this event:  from its surreptitious awarding 12 years ago to the migrant worker deaths to the controversial banning of alcohol sales (well, at least the Brits stayed out of “gaol” – Google it) to the final slap in the face surrounding the OneLove controversy. 

Brampton At World Cup
O Canada

But at Brampton Adult Soccer, we’d be negligent and in violation of our raison d’être if we didn’t focus on the tremendous benefit this event has created for soccer in Brampton and the Canadian game at large.  I was a naive school boy the last time the Canadian men played in the World Cup.  It was the summer of grade 9 and the last summer I’d have “off”.  After that, it was jobs, school, life, and BAS that got in the way of me spending carefree hours watching the beautiful game every four years.  But in 1982 – after a less than inspiring performance by Canada – I thought, “No worries, we’ll be back in 4 years”.  But those 4 years turned into 8 and 8 turned into 16 and 16 turned into 32 and then some until we finally got back to the show.  So, don’t take our participation for granted.  Enjoy it when it happens because it’s never an easy path nor is it a certainty (unless you’re co-hosting like we are in 2026…hoorah!!!).  One thing we can be certain of, however, is our participation creates interest and interest drives engagement and engagement is the only thing (the ONLY thing) that grows a sport.  

We have plenty to be proud of after Qatar 2022:  our first men’s appearance in a generation, dominating a side that FIFA considered the 2nd best country in the world a short month ago, and – of course – our first goal.  I’m wholly convinced that milestones like first point, first clean sheet, first win, first Round of 16 match will come in due course.  When you witness the quality of a match like France:Argentina (Dec 18, 2022) though, you recognize that we have much, much more work to do before our minnows can swim with the big fish, but I hope everyone gets a good seat and enjoys the ride. Brampton…Ontario…Canada, All Aboard!!!!!


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  1. December 18, 2022 @ 3:12 pm
    Don't Cry Because It's Over. Smile Because It Happened...and you got to witness it!!!!!

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