Women – Indoor Rules

Your Online Registration & Waiver must be completed by all players and coaches before they play their first match.

All players must be registered to play and have uploaded a suitable profile photo. Absolutely no exceptions. No guest players. All teams must have 2 designated Team Representatives. Both must have access to email.

All players must be at least 18 years of age in the year that the session ends. For the Masters 30+ division, all players must be at least 30 years of age and each team may roster 5 players under the age of 30 in the year the session ends.

No player may play for more than 1 team in the same division or group. EXCEPTIONS: Age eligible players may play in any open division as well as the Masters division. Any player in any open age division and/or the Masters division may also play coed.

Shin guards are mandatory and must be of suitable material and provide a reasonable degree of protection.

Footwear: Indoor shoes, turf shoes, running shoes, outdoor (non-metal) cleats are ALL acceptable forms of footwear at the Save Max Soccer Centre. 

No jewelry. If it’s visible, it must be removed.

All players (excluding goalkeepers) must wear their official team shirt (ie. the one that the rest of the team is wearing) with a unique number. Numbers cannot be taped on. If a number is falling off or has fallen off, the referee has the discretion to allow the player to continue providing the player can still be identified. No shirt swapping or sharing. Goalkeepers may wear their own shirt as long as it clearly contrasts with both teams’ players’ shirts, the opposing goalkeeper’s shirt, and the referee’s shirt. Referees are not authorized to allow exceptions to these rules and will prohibit players from participating who are not properly attired. Players failing to abide by the uniform policy outlined above are ineligible.

Goalkeepers may wear long pants. All other players must wear shorts. Players failing to abide are ineligible. EXCEPTIONS: Religious considerations may withstand this rule. 

The team bench is for players, injured players, and registered team officials. It is not for spectators. Spectators must sit in the designated spectator area. Any individual who is not a registered team official on the team bench will be assumed to be a player and therefore must wear their official team jersey (even if injured and not playing); otherwise they are a spectator and may not be on the bench. The penalty area/benches are for penalized players. Please do not sit on the penalty benches (or stand in the penalty area).

Players waiting to play in a subsequent match may not stand/sit around the perimeter of the field. They must be in the dressing room or designated warm-up area. Players who have just completed their match may not stand/sit around the perimeter of the field. 

Computer generated (hard coded) game sheets must be completed by both teams’ players and coaches and given to the referee before the start of play. If the referee has to wait for game sheets to be completed, he/she has been instructed to shorten the match. Referees are prohibited from doing the match if no game sheet is produced. Game sheets may not be signed by anyone after the 2nd half has started. Any player who does not sign the game sheet becomes ineligible. A team representative (preferably a Captain or coach) must sign the game sheet at end of match.

The referee will determine at his/her discretion which team will have possession of the ball at the start of the 1st half with the opposing team then having possession at the start of the 2nd half.

Teams play 6 a-side including the keeper at the Save Max Soccer Centre. Teams that do not have at least 6 players must play short-handed until more players arrive. The start time will not be delayed and there will be no automatic forfeit. The League reserves the right to add players to a team that is consistently short. EXCEPTION: Women’s 35+ will 7 a-side including the keeper.

At its sole discretion, BAS reserves the right adjust the divisions up to the session’s midpoint.

At its sole discretion, BAS reserves the right to place, replace, relegate, and/or promote teams between sessions. 

Substitutions may occur on an unlimited basis, on-the-fly, at arm’s length. The oncoming player will enter the field at the halfway line, and may only enter the field when the outgoing player exits the field between the halfway line and the players bench. If the outgoing player leaves the field anywhere else other then the designated area, the incoming player must wait until the outgoing player has reached his team bench before entering the field. An automatic yellow card for illegal player change will be issued to the player entering the pitch.

Matches will be two halves of 25 minutes each. 

Any forfeited matches are scored as 1 – 0. Refunds are not granted for forfeited matches. The scorelines for ALL matches from ANY withdrawn or expelled team will revert to 1 – 0 losses.

BAS reserves the right to schedule regular, make-up, playoff, Cup, Bowl, and/or bye matches on ANY day of the week including long weekends and holidays.

All matches are 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss. Ties in the standings will be resolved as follows: result(s) of head-to-head competition (aggregate +/- is not applicable), most wins, least goals against, highest fair play index, greatest positive goal difference, coin toss.

Corner kicks, goal kicks, and kick-ins (from the sidelines) will be used. 

All free kicks, except penalty kicks, but including kick-ins (from the sidelines) are indirect.

Defending team will automatically yield 5 metres (16 feet) on free kicks and kick-ins.

There are no offsides or floating line violations.

Slide tackles are prohibited. This is not applicable to a keeper sliding in his own box providing the slide is done in a safe manner. Sliding to stop, trap, kick, or pass a ball when there is clearly no danger to an opponent is NOT slide tackling and is permitted. All other slide tackles (including ones in the box) will result in an indirect free kick.

If the ball hits the ceiling, anything attached to the ceiling, or light fixtures, play is stopped and the opposing team is awarded a free kick. A ball hitting the ceiling or light fixtures above the penalty area will be moved out of the penalty area if the striking team is awarded the free kick.

The keeper must play a ball that has been intentionally foot passed back to her with her feet. She may not pick up the ball. The keeper may not handle the ball outside the penalty area.

Warning = 2 minute time penalty. Yellow card = 2 minute time penalty. Red card = 5 minute time penalty (served by another player). Penalties (yellow cards) issued to a keeper may be served by another player who was on the field at the time the penalty was given. Penalties do NOT replace the fines/suspensions noted below. A goal scored by the opponents of a penalized player does NOT nullify the remaining penalty balance.

Teams that have had a player sent off (red carded) do not have to play short-handed after the penalty has been served. The red-carded player may not spend the duration of the match on his/her team’s bench.

Yellow cards and red cards will be issued at the referees’ discretion. SPECIAL INSTANCE: Players and coaches will receive an automatic yellow card (2 minute penalty) for manipulating (stopping, starting, adjusting score, etc.) the scoreclock without the referee’s permission. The penalty will be served by a player who is on the field at the time the incident occurred.

Card accumulation is wiped clean before the post-season. Suspensions and fines are NOT wiped clean. Carryover: Unless otherwise stated, suspensions not fully served at the end of a session will carry over to the next session in which the suspended player is active.

Any team with a Fair Play Index that is 70% or less than their division average will be ineligible for the playoffs with subsequent play in future sessions under review.

Matches stopped before fulltime by the referee will be investigated by BAS. The Discipline Director and/or the Disciplinary Committee has the sole authority to: declare a double forfeiture (both teams receive a loss), order the match replayed or completed, record the match as a draw, or declare a winner.

All referees are assigned by BAS. If the referee is more than 10 minutes late, both Team Representatives may mutually agree to elect or appoint a substitute to ref the match. The substitute will receive the regular fee for his/her work. If no substitute can be agreed upon, the match will be rescheduled.

Match protests must be made to the referee immediately following a match (at the latest). Please ensure that he/she records your protest on the game sheet. Protests made after that will not be considered. A follow-up email is recommended.

Teams may register a maximum of 18 players and 1 team official (who does not play). Any players registered after the 18 player maximum will result in an extra fee payable by the team. All players (except the keeper) must have a unique shirt number. Players can be registered up until the Thursday preceding the final match of the regular season.

All other regular rules of soccer, the Ontario Soccer Association and the Peel Halton Soccer Association will be observed. 

All participants are reminded that the primary purpose of your League is for recreation. The League is committed to ridding itself AND has the right the rid itself of aggressive players, bullies, cheaters, and players and coaches who persist in abusing the rules of the League and/or its officials. 

Red Cards: $25 fine payable by the offender to her Team Representative. The suspended player will not be allowed to return until his suspension is served AND the Team Representative has received the payment of the fine.

Unofficial Game Sheet: A game sheet submitted that is not hard-coded or otherwise unofficial will result in a $25 fine for first seasonal offense, $50 fine for second seasonal offense, $100 for third seasonal offense. Fines for additional seasonal offenses are at the discretion of BAS.

No Pinnies or Alternates: Home Team failure to wear pinnies or alternates when there is a colour conflict will result in a forfeit and $50 fine.

Forfeit Without 48-hour Emailed Notice: $100 fine. BAS reserves the right to the following: (i) levy a fine for ongoing (more than 1) forfeits even IF more than 48 hours notice is provided, (ii) disburse some or all of collected fines to the opponents of the forfeiting team, (iii) require a forfeiting team to add players to their roster to mitigate future forfeits.

Ineligible Players: Teams caught using unregistered, suspended, expelled, or players otherwise ineligible will forfeit the match and will be fined $200. Further disciplinary action may be pursued.

Participants who are non-compliant with requests to present satisfactory identification from BAS and/or its representatives will be subject to a $250 fine. Further disciplinary action may be pursued.

Shirt Swapping/Sharing: Teams caught with players who are swapping or sharing shirts will forfeit the match and will be fined $100. Further disciplinary action may be pursued.

Frivolous Protest: At its discretion BAS may levy a fine not exceeding $100 for any protest deemed to be frivolous in nature.

Game Abandonment: A team or teams found guilty of causing a match to be abandoned due to the actions of its players and/or coaches and/or fans may be fined to a maximum of $500.

Generally speaking, fines are payable to the Team Representative. BAS will collect from the Team Representative. BAS reserves the right to call fines at anytime, but will do so automatically if fines reach $100 or more.

Players are reminded not to leave valuables in the dressing rooms. Articles of clothing and valuables can be brought to the team bench prior to the start of play. DO NOT USE THE PITCH AS YOUR DRESSING ROOM.

All other complaints, concerns or suggestions that you or your team may have should be emailed to bramptonsoccer@aol.com IF you want a response.

Rules, Results, Standings, Schedules, Photos, Maps to Venues, Forum, News, etc. are posted on the League’s website: www.bramptonsoccer.com

Players and coaches are encouraged to critique referees as often as possible by emailing Brampton Adult Soccer