Advertising with BAS

Member Advertising offers free advertising to any member actively participating in a Brampton Adult Soccer Program. Active Participants are defined as individuals registered and participating in the currently active session/season. If you are, for example, playing on a team during the Summer 2023 session, you may submit an advertisement for display for the full duration of the Summer 2023 session. Once that session ends, you will have to request that your advertisement be added back into rotation once you have joined a team for the Fall 2023 session.


I have general questions about advertising on

For general questions or to get a better understanding of how the BAS Member Ads works, please contact advertising[a] or review the FAQs below.

How do I get an Ad on

As an active participant in BAS, you can email your advertisement request and artwork to webadmin[a] (replace the [a] with an @). Along with your artwork please provide the link for your website, Facebook page, Google Business profile, etc..

What types of businesses can advertise on

Any small business owned/operated by an actively participating BAS member is welcome to submit an advertisement for display on

If you work for a large corporation, BAS does not consider your employment as ‘operating’ the business. Large companies can afford to buy ads and the BAS’ Member Ads program isn’t designed for them, it’s designed to help members of BAS connect with one another, becoming patrons of one another’s business.

Additionally, Multi-Level Marketing schemes/programs (aka Pyramid Schemes) aren’t small businesses and therefore do NOT qualify for the BAS Member Ads program.

Why was my advertisement rejected / declined / removed?

Brampton Adult Soccer reserves the right to reject any advertising application it receives or to remove any advertising that has been previously approved. Brampton Adult Soccer will not be offering explanations or reasons. The BAS Member Ads program is a free service being offered to the BAS community and not an entitlement.

What are the advertisement requirements?

You must provide the following:

  • An image that is either square (1:1 ratio) or portrait (2:4 ratio maximum) and formatted as a JPEG, PNG or SVG.
  • A URL to an online web presence
  • Your full name, the name of your business and the email address you used to register with BAS. If BAS can not verify your active participation in its current programs, your ad will not be approved.

What are the image dimensions for ads?

Use the following chart to build your ad:

Advertising Dimensions