2022 Women’s Champions: Purple Haze

2022 Women's Champions: Purple Haze
2022 Summer Outdoor Women’s Champions: Purple Haze

After an excessively hot, humid and rain deprived summer season, the 2022 Summer Outdoor Women’s Championship final took place in what could be deemed ‘realistic Canadian weather’ as the temperature dipped below 20 degrees for the first time in months. Spectators were chilled, but the faced paced match up between holders Levendi FC and the league leaders Purple Haze ensured that the players were well warmed up.

The head-to-head match-ups between the two finalists were evenly split with Purple Haze winning 5-3 to start the campaign off and Levendi FC edging out a 3-2 win later in the season. Making any predictions as to the outcome of this final, pure guess-work.

The match started with a frenetic pace, both teams looking to attack and Levendi FC quickly took the lead. 10-15 minutes passed as Levendi continued to press. Would the flood gates open?

But then… …then it all turned.

Purple Haze scored an equalizer through Saphyra James. Levendi FC with just one available substitute, started to tire. And as the minutes passed Purple Haze’s repeated quick attacks, started from both their calm and composed defense and well organized midfield, began to produce results. The goals flowed and Purple Haze ran out the remainder of the match in fine goal-scoring form, the match ending 6-1 with Purple Haze being crowned as the 2022 Women’s Champions.

Purple Haze: 2022 Women’s Champions

Congratulations to Purple Haze on their stellar 11-1-0 (W-L-D) season and their convincing playoff run; first beating Antilleans SC 9-2 and then defeating Levendi FC 6-1.

2022 Women's Golden Boot Winner Kendra Cooper
Kendra Cooper – 43 Goals in 2022 Outdoor

Prior to the match Kendra Cooper, the BAS 2022 Outdoor Women’s Golden Boot winner was presented with her award as she topped the scoring charts with 37 regular season goals. Kendra added 6 additional goals in the Championship playoffs bringing her outdoor total to 43.

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