A Visit to the BAS Trophy Room

With the Fall Award season upon us, we thought it would be fun to pay a visit to the Brampton Adult Soccer Trophy Room. OK, so there’s not really a room full of trophies, but there is a rich history of awards, winners, and stories of adult soccer in Brampton. We’ve creating Instagram stories before there was even an Instagram. Enjoy!!!

Brampton Adult Soccer Women's Outdoor Inter-Divisional Championship Trophy

The BAS Bowl was established as a Women’s Outdoor Inter-Divisional Tournament Championship. It was first awarded in 2010. This Championship is no longer contested as the multiple divisions merged into one in 2017.

Inaugural Champions: Armada
Most Frequent Champions: Mystix

Finals Girl-Of-The-Game Honours:
Arlene Samuel (’10), Kim Beckles (’11),
Tenyka Francique (’12), Felicia Jones (’13)

Inaugural BAS Bowl
Inaugural BAS Bowl: Armada vs. Mystix
Brampton Adult Soccer Men's Indoor Championship Trophy

The Men’s Indoor Championship Trophy is the oldest1 award in the BAS trophy cabinet. Established in 1999, the silver cup is a champagne cooler that was purchased at the Sears houseware’s department in 1998 for $99. Engraved in the cup is the original name of BAS: Brampton Men’s Indoor Soccer. Excluding the Covid disruption, the trophy has been continually awarded every Fall and Winter for the past 24 years to the indoor playoff Champions.

Inaugural Champions: Team E2
Frequent Champions: AC Strikers, Brampton Chrysler, Hustler FC
Current Holders: Stu Gotz FC and C4N! (2022)

Forgotten Fact: The tradition of sipping champagne from the cup should be carefully (re)considered since the inaugural Champs took the cup back to their sponsor (a pub) after their victory and used the cup for their discarded chicken bones from the Buffalo wings they devoured while celebrating.

La Blanquirroja
La Blanquirroja celebrate their 2019 Championship

At just under a metre from “tip-to-tail”, the Women’s Outdoor Championship Trophy is the most colossal piece of hardware BAS offers.

Brampton Adult Soccer Women's Outdoor Championship Trophy

The award was established in 2002 and presented to the outdoor playoff Champions each summer.

Inaugural Champions: Mean Green Machine
Frequent Champions: United Black Devils, Levendi FC
Current Holders: Force FC and Purple Haze (2022)

Forgotten Fact: the 2002 inaugural Women’s Outdoor Championship was played while remnants of Hurricane Kyle battered southern Ontario. The game was completed in the wettest conditions ever for soccer in Brampton, as shown here on the soaked, but still smiling faces of the Champions.

The Women’s Outdoor Championship Trophy is an impressive piece of hardware, hoisted here by 2016 Champs: GFC
Brampton Adult Soccer Women's Indoor Championship Trophy

Smaller in stature, but equally prestigious is the Women’s Indoor Championship Trophy. Presented every Fall and Winter to women’s indoor playoff Champions, the award was established in 2002.

Inaugural Champions: Red Heat
Frequent Champions: Mystix, United Black Devils, Armada, Amigas
Current Holders: Amigas FC (2021)

Forgotten Fact: The Women’s Indoor Championship Trophy is so old that it still bears the original logo of BAS, a lot less stylish than the current logo, but it served us well in the early years.

Orange Crush
Early Indoor Champs: Orange Crush

The most distinguished of all BAS awards is the BAS Cup, simply because it’s the hardest to win.

Brampton Adult Soccer BAS CUP

The award was established in 2002 and presented to the Men’s Outdoor Inter-Divisional Tournament Champions every October. It is generally regarded as the most difficult award to win as it’s not uncommon for the winners to be crowned after a 20 – 25 match season, playing against unfamiliar opposition often in the frigid temperatures of October. A large part of the Cup’s appeal lies in the fact that the inter-divisional format allows teams who are considered weaker and in lower divisions, or older in 35+ divisions, to compete against stronger, younger opponents and who wouldn’t relish that opportunity?

Inaugural Champions: Team I2
Frequent Champions: Richview Utd, PTH FC, VSFC
Current Holders: VSFC (2019)3

Forgotten Fact: The longest BAS Cup Final in history was the 2011 contest between PTH FC and GNFC, lasting just under 160 hours (YES, hours, not minutes). It was not uncommon for BAS Cup matches to take place under the lights in the evening. The final that year ended in a scoreless draw. Extra time settled nothing, so the match went into penalty kicks. After 4 kickers, with the teams tied 4-4, GNFC’s next kicker missed, leaving it to the final PTH FC striker to either notch the victory with a goal or continue the contest with a miss. He placed the ball on the spot, waited for the referee, and just as the ref was about to blow his whistle, the stadium lights went out, plunging the pitch into darkness. The match could not continue and was completed one week later when a single PK was taken, found the back of the net, and secured PTH FC’s first BAS Cup title.

2005 Cup Champs-Armada I
2005 Cup Champs: Armada I (Fun Fact: in the top row, 3rd from the left, is Alan Millar father of Canadian Men’s National Team player Liam Millar, currently playing for FC Basel in Switzerland.)

2010 Cup Champs-Punjab United Star
2010 Cup Champs: Punjab United Star

2015 Cup Champs-ACU Jaguars
2015 Cup Champs: ACU Jaguars

2019 Cup Champs-VSFC
2019 Cup Champs and Current3 Holders: VSFC (their 4th consecutive Cup title)

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1BAS started as an Indoor “gym” league, playing on hardwood floors. Outdoor came later.
2In the early days of BAS, teams were simply given letters (ie. Team A) to identify themselves.
3Covid protocol paused soccer in Brampton; the BAS Cup competition was uncontested in ’20 and ’21.

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