What is an “Olimpico” and where can you see one?

What exactly is an ‘Olimpico’?

Well, it’s a goal, but to be considered an Olimpico Goal is has to be scored directly from a corner kick, without being touched by any other player on the pitch. (There is some debate whether the keeper getting a slight touch or not disqualifies a goal from being an Olimpico.)

Why is it called an Olimpico?

Olimpico is short for “Gol Olímpico” in Spanish, which simply means an Olympic goal. The term was coined in 1924 after Argentinian soccer player Cesáreo Onzari scored a goal in the same fashion against reigning Olympic champions Uruguay.

From NBC New York

Since the first recorded goal of this nature occurred in the Argentina v. Uruguay Olympic match back in the 1924 Olympics, every subsequent goal scored direct from a corner kick has been dubbed an ‘Olimpico’. Other types of goals have been scored in the Olympics, but this is the only one that retained the moniker.

Why post about Olimpicos now?

We’ve chosen to write about Olimpicos this week because Kyle Bekker from Forge FC scored one on Tuesday, July 19th, 2022 against FC Edmonton. It was a brilliant goal. What makes it more compelling is that this isn’t the first time a Forge player has scored an Olimpico. 2019’s MVP Tristan Borges also scored one against HFX Wanderers in the inaugural 2019 CPL season.

Where can this wonder goal be seen?

Brampton Adult Soccer and OneSoccer.ca have you covered – Kyle Bekker’s Olimpico was the fourth of 5 goals scored by Forge FC as they demolished FC Edmonton 5 : 1. Highlights are cued up to the Olimpico, but we highly recommend you watch the whole thing. There are multiple corners taken by Bekker that really highlight how good he is with set pieces and a sublime Woobens Pacius hat-trick. (Pacius is a likely candidate to be the next CPL player to get transfer interest from MLS and overseas clubs.)

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See the Tristan Borges Olimpico against HFX Wanderers in this compilation of all of Borges’ 2019 goals.

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