So you like goals? (5 Stunners from the CPL)

If you play soccer in Brampton, or soccer anywhere for that matter, you like goals. Even defenders like goals, just not against them. Keepers as well… …what keeper doesn’t dream of scoring a game winner in time-added on? Or catching the opposing keeper off their line and chipping them from within their own box?

The Canadian Premier League has, this season more so than in previous years, become a league of stunning goals on an almost weekly basis. The team at have put together a list of the 5 best goals so far this season. A bit premature, certainly as the season hasn’t ended, but still a ton of fun to watch.

We’ve collected them all here for your viewing, enjoy!

Tobias Warschewski (FC Edmonton), April 10 vs Valour

Sean Rea (Valour FC), May 28 vs Pacific

Woobens Pacius (Forge FC), July 23 vs Valour

Chrisnovic N’sa (York United), August 20 vs Forge

Matteo De Brienne (Valour FC), August 31 vs Forge

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