Introducing Your BAS Trophy Cabinet

Brampton Adult Soccer has been operating for over 25 years now, most years with multiple sessions of multiple mens and womens divisions and as a result we’ve handed out a lot of titles and trophies. We’ve now added a feature to that will display individual team accomplishments directly on their team page, with each team sporting its very own BAS Trophy Cabinet.

To check out your team’s Trophy Cabinet or a rivals, or if you want to see who has won the prestigious BAS Cup simply navigate to their page via the standings, the schedule and check below their current session standings and top scorers list on the right hand side of the screen. (Or at the bottom of their team page if you’re on your mobile phone.)

Your BAS Trophy Cabinet viewed on an iPad or an iPhone.

Some teams with an interesting ‘modern era’ trophy cabinet include:

Admittedly, when BAS was first founded, we never really considered that in 20 years time we’d still need to know who won the BAS Ken Giles Winter 2002 Division Steeles (or whatever we called it) indoor playoff championship… so we don’t have easy access to all of our records going back to 1999. We may have photos or files somewhere, but not readily available. As such, for titles pre-dating Winter 2022, we’re taking our time parsing through information we have to try and populate some of the legacy trophies for different Trophy Cabinets.

Also, as the new BAS website and League Management Platform was only launched on January 1st, 2022 (yes, this website is what we were working on, on New Years Day, in 2022), a lot of the teams that won trophies in the early years of Brampton Adult Soccer simply don’t exist on this website, like the original Armada FC, AC Strikers and Mystix. So we’ll be concentrating on populating legacy trophies only for teams that are currently in our modern era system.

If your BAS team is currently on this site and you feel we’ve missed a trophy and have some sort of evidence to back up your claim, then please feel free to contact us so that we can properly fill your trophy cabinets.

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