From Brampton Soccer to TFC Captain: Jonathan Osorio’s Remarkable Journey

The city that has consistently produced top-tier soccer talent, Brampton, has become synonymous with excellence on the pitch. Among the illustrious names to emerge from this soccer-rich region, Jonathan Osorio stands out as a shining example of determination, skill, and leadership. The early days in Brampton soccer Jonathan Osorio’s soccer journey began in the vibrant […]

Celebrating 25 Years of Soccer Triumphs in Brampton

As we at Brampton Adult Soccer concluded our remarkable 25th year, the resounding echoes of soccer triumph in Brampton resonate louder than ever! Considering the thousands of participants we’ve hosted to play soccer in Brampton over these past twenty-five years we have had an extremely rewarding round of playoffs crowning newly minted champions, incumbents and […]

Breaking Barriers: Brampton Soccer’s Tajon Buchanan Makes History

In a historic moment for Canadian soccer, Tajon Buchanan has achieved a groundbreaking feat by becoming the first Canadian National Team player to grace the prestigious Serie A by joining FC Internazionale Milano. Hailing from Canada’s soccer hotspot, Brampton, Buchanan’s journey from the local fields to the international stage is an inspiring tale of talent, […]

Thank you, Sincy! Canada says Goodbye to Christine Sinclair.

Christine Sinclair discovered her passion for soccer from an early age. She exhibited exceptional talent and dedication to the sport. Born on June 12, 1983, Christine grew up in a family that supported her dreams and encouraged her to pursue her love for soccer. Christine’s journey began on the local fields of Burnaby, where she […]

Brampton Soccer Club GNFC Wins Niagara Cup

In a thrilling display of soccer prowess, a Brampton soccer club and BAS Masters’ frontrunners, GNFC, showcased their skills at the Punjab United Invitational Soccer Tournament in Niagara Falls on Saturday, December 2nd. The tournament, a battleground for elite soccer teams, culminated in an intense Championship clash that left spectators on the edge of their […]

That’s a Wrap. Playoffs Conclude.

The BAS 2023 Summer playoffs concluded yesterday with Men’s Division B Champions Santa Clara continuing their perfect season with a 3-1 win over Digsy FC. Not to be outdone, Masters stalwarts Dashmesh FC also concluded their perfect season in convincing fashion defeating Paragon SC in the final. Finding themselves in unfamiliar territory, JJD Strikers battled […]