Getting the most out of your Brampton Soccer League Experience

All across there are little details and functions that can help you get the most out of your experience playing soccer in our Brampton soccer league. In this article we’ve listed and outlined some of the cool features we’ve added that you may not yet be aware of. Some hidden gems and a few shortcuts to make everyone’s soccer life easier.

Getting the most out of our Brampton Soccer League for Players

Accepting Invites Shortcut

Check you 'Player Tab' for notifications, like invites.

While BAS already provides you with the easiest method to join a Brampton Soccer League out there, there’s also a little shortcut for accepting invites from your Team Reps.

If you’re already a member of BAS and your Team Rep/Captain has dropped a message in a WhatsApp group telling everyone that they’ve sent out invites, you don’t need to locate the email or the text message that gets sent out as an invite. All new invites to join a team will appear in your player tab in the top right hand section of the BAS site and you’ll have a little yellow alert badge with the # of notifications you have.

The easiest way to join a Brampton soccer league: Invites appear as notifications in your Player Tab and will take you straight to the invite acceptance page.

Checking YOUR Personal Schedule

Instead of combing through the full schedule for your Open Age team and then checking the schedule for your Masters team, if you visit your own Personal Profile page by clicking the little profile icon at the right hand side of the menu, you can actually see a filtered list of YOUR games only.

Your profile page has a list of your upcoming matches for any and all teams you play for in BAS.

Setting Your Attendance

Set your attendance/availability for your upcoming matches.

Since we’re already discussing your ‘Upcoming Matches’ on your Personal Profile page we should also mention that this is where you can set your ‘Attendance/Availability’ for upcoming Brampton Soccer matches.

Click Y if you are attending, click N if you’re not attending and leave it ‘as is’ if you’re undecided. This will help your Team Rep/Captain/Coach get organized and prepared for your next match.

Updating your Profile Info and Password

Edit your profile info inline directly on your player profile page.

On you Personal Profile page you can update all of your vital information, from your email, to your phone number (use mobile/cellular so you can receive important texts) and your address. You can also change your password to something secure and easier to remember.

To update your Personal Info or change your password, you can just click above the line for each piece of information and simply replace it with the updated info. When you’re done, you just click the little pencil icon and wait for it to turn into a checkmark. And that’s it, you info has been updated.

Changing your password is as simple as clicking the Update Password button and filling out the info in the pop-up that appears.

Updating Your Profile Photo or Making it Private

Change your photo or make it private.

If you’ve decided that you profile photo is a bit dated, or you simply want to freshen things up because this year “You’re definitely making the Top Scorers List”, then you can click the little camera icon overlapping your photo. This will give you the option to remove the previously approved photo. Once removed you can now upload a new one.

Remember, if you make the top scorers list your photo will be displayed to the public.

However, if you want to make it private, just click the Make Photo Private button underneath your picture.

Whenever you make changes to your profile photo please ensure you do so well in advance of your next match as you will NOT be on your team’s game sheet if you don’t have an approved photo in place.

Also, please read the photo requirements when uploading a new one.

See More Standings Info on your Phone

Portrait standings show less stats due to limited space.

We’ve had a lot of requests from our members to have more of the standings data displayed on their phones.

When viewing in portrait mode on your phone, only 7 columns of stats are displayed. Games played, Wins, Losses, Draws, Plus/Minus, Points and the Fair Play Index.

What most people don’t realize is that the information is already there, just turn your phone sideways and view the standings in landscape mode.

In landscape view you can see all the same columns you do when using your desktop or a laptop.

Turning your phone sideways displays the standings in landscape mode and reveals the full standings data.

View Match Summaries and Box Scores

Every completed match has an icon you can click to launch the box scores.

When viewing a schedule, all completed matches have a little ‘graph’ icon to the far right in each row. Clicking on this icon will launch the Match Summary and Box Scores so you can see all the data from each match. Who scored, who was booked, etc.

Detailed box scores for the even the most curious BAS member.

Getting the most out of our Brampton Soccer League for Team Reps

Rating Referees

BAS is always accepting feedback from our members regarding our referees, just as we accept and solicit feedback from referees about our teams and players. We’re always looking for ways to improve and to continue to provide the best soccer in Brampton for adults.

We recently launched a simplified method to allow Team Reps to evaluate referees. An email complaining about a yellow card, a missed penalty call or telling us your striker “wasn’t offside when he scored” doesn’t really give us a clear understanding of how referees are performing. We don’t always see the call and we don’t have VAR so evaluating referees based on isolated complaints isn’t very useful.

Rate Your Referee after each match on

So we’ve provided Team Reps with a means of rating their ref after every match – with nothing more than two clicks. After the final result for your match has been submitted the system will wait for the next time you log in and present you with a pop-up to evaluate the match official. Click a rating icon (which fill in with colour when selected) and then click Submit. That’s it, you’re done.

Checking & Updating Match Attendance for your Team

We’re sure that many of you in BAS also have children playing Rep Soccer, so you’ve undoubtedly had to set their attendance for games and practices. We thought that might be useful for adult teams as well, so we added it. To view your team’s attendance for your upcoming matches, navigate to your team page and enter your Manage Team section. In your Gamesheets tab you’ll now see an Attendance link next to each gamesheet. (Attendance is always accessible.)

You can launch your team attendance for each match in your gamesheets tab on Brampton Soccer

Once the Attendance window appears a Team Rep has the ability to not just view attendance and availability but to also update individual attendance. Sometimes players will set themselves as attending but then get called in to work, so you as a Team Rep can now adjust it to help you organize yourself and the team for the pending match. We recommend Team Reps keep an eye on this section as we have some additional features planned.

Team Reps can update attendance as well, just in case Cyle Larin calls to tell you he CAN make the match at he last minute.

Custom Team Crests

90% of Brampton Adult Soccer teams have uploaded a custom team crest/logo/badge. Yeah, one gets customized for you based on your uniform colours, but why be one of the lame ones? Get a friend to make a team crest for you or try and do it yourself. Do you think you’ve got what it takes to out class some of some of the really stellar crests we’ve seen thus far. For inspiration, check out some of these:

A good resource for free vector logos you can edit is

Get Social with BAS

There are a few BAS Teams with some serious social media clout… …take 905 FC for example, they’ve got Instagram, Twitter/X, YouTube and TikTok accounts.

Adding your own social media links to your team page is easy; just go to your Manage Team section and visit the Team Administration tabs. There you will see fields to add the links to your team’s social media.

Add Social Media links to your team profile and garner the attention you deserve.

If you’ve got some ideas for other features that would help enhance your experience in our Brampton Soccer League please feel free to add a comment below. BAS is a league run by members for our members – so we’d love to hear from you.

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