How to Add a Coach

With most of your player registrations now completed, you may be wondering how to add your coach (if applicable).

You are NOT required to have a coach, but if you do, please follow the steps below so that your coach can remain at the team bench during games.  Otherwise, he/she is a spectator and cannot reside at or near the team bench, as per your published rules.

First, who ISN’T a coach:
1) An injured player is NOT a coach.
2) Your backup keeper is NOT a coach.
3) The player who forgot his/her shirt at home is NOT a coach.
4) A dismissed player (red card) is NOT a coach.
5) A player who only plays the first half and then decides to watch the rest of the game is NOT a coach.

A coach is a person who NEVER plays or NEVER plans on playing.  ALL others must be registered as players and have shirt #’s assigned in the system.

All teams may register 1 coach (this does NOT count as 1 of your 18 roster spots) as follows: 

A) Go to the website and login,
B) Click on your team in the standings or schedule,
C) Your Team Page will open up.  Click on + Manage Team at top right,
D) Click on the Team Administration tab in the horizontal menu,

add coach

E) When the page opens, enter the email address of your coach here and click Invite.
F) Whomever you’ve emailed will receive an Invite to join your team as a coach and once accepted, they will show up on your gamesheet as “Coach”.   NOTE:  they will have to register on the BAS site first (just like all others playing adult soccer in Brampton).  

i)  Can a team player also be registered as a coach?  NO
ii)  Can we have more than 1 coach?  NO
iii)  Can we change the coach?  YES, just let us know.

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