Welcome Home, Ed

Please join us in congratulating our own Ed Kiwanuka for a successful international referee schedule. This year saw Ed officiate in Guatemala, Mexico, US, and of course here at home.

“The biggest highlight this year”, Ed says, “was refereeing at the Homeless World Cup in Sacramento, California.” The wonderful spectacle that is the Homeless World Cup, is a celebration of perseverance, healing, and resilience by folks overcoming many challenges in life – chemical dependency, mental health, between-homes-ness. Players, coaches, managers, volunteers, and organizers all come away better people after attending the annual event.

Over 50 countries are known to send both men’s and women’s teams, but only 28 countries were able to make it to Sacramento2023! Stringent visa requirements were mostly to blame. Sadly, Canada was not represented this year.

“Referee appreciation, not unlike in BAS, was of major note in Sacramento”, Ed says. He also got to meet, and rub shoulders with some US soccer royalty, as well as premier league and FIFA referees from all over the world.

Ed also officiated in various parts of Mexico, including Poza Rica, Veracruz. There had been some cartel problems in the area and the referees were escorted to and from the fields by heavily armed federal, state, municipal, and bomb squad personnel.

Ed says that he now very much appreciates the generosity of spirit and patience of BAS players when he officiated here. “They offer me food and drinks after the match, and I don’t worry about driving home”, he adds.

Like your friends abroad, we appreciate everything you do for soccer in Brampton, Ed. Welcome home and congratulations from all of us at BAS on a successful season.

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  1. September 12, 2023 @ 11:23 am
    Great work Ed. What an honour to have such an experienced referee among us!

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