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For years individuals looking to join a soccer team in Brampton were left to their own devices; BAS provided our Facebook wall for individuals to advertise themselves and for Team Reps. to solicit bodies. We asked ourselves: “Can we do better than that?” The answer was “Yes! Yes we can.”

If you’re an individual who wants to join a soccer team in Brampton, or a Team Rep. looking for players to fill out your roster, you now have the BAS Free Agent Marketplace, a free utility built specifically to suit the needs of adult soccer players in Brampton.

The BAS Free Agent Marketplace listings with people looking to join a soccer team in Brampton.
Greyed out cards indicate that a Free Agent has accepted an offer and been rostered to a team. Free Agents with an orange “HAS OFFERS” label have pending offers from teams but have not yet accepted. Every Free Agent has specified the positions they are willing to play, GK – Goalkeeper, DF – Defender, MF – Midfield, FW – Forward.

How do I join a soccer team in Brampton?

Registering for a BAS account is simple – just visit our registration page, fill out the form and you’re in.

Next to your name, above your profile photo, is the Become A Free agent button.

Once you’ve created your account, you will be directed to your personal profile page. Next to your name you’ll see a green “Become a Free Agent” button and clicking on it will ask you to fill out a few key details, like which session you wish to participate in, what positions you are willing to play and whether or not you’d like your age to be displayed to potential teams.

The Free Agent form for people who want to join a soccer team in Brampton.

That’s it… …you’re a BAS Free Agent now.

Once a Team Rep. has decided to send you an offer you will receive both an email and an SMS/Text message with relevant information. BAS strongly encourages that you use the contact information found in team invites to reach out to the Team Rep. and obtain answers to any questions you have.

While registering for is free, and listing yourself as a Free Agent is also without cost, please be aware that joining a team will have an accompanying cost set by the Team Reps. Different teams have different ‘per player costs’ depending on things like roster size, quality and quantity of uniforms/jerseys, etc. Team Reps. will provide a cost when sending you an offer and it is highlighted in the offer email you will receive.

How do I add a player from the Free Agent Marketplace to my team?

Sometimes filling out that last roster spot or two on your BAS team can be a bit difficult. We’re all adults and sometimes our ‘usuals’ just aren’t available because they’ve just become parents, gotten a new job, have a kid in rep who now trains the same days and times your team plays… …for any number of reasons really.

BAS now provides Team Reps. with an easy way of finding players looking to join a soccer team in Brampton – the BAS Free Agent Marketplace.

An individual Free Agent player listing for Keyser S.
Just click “Send Invite” for any player you’d like to send an offer to.

As a Team Rep. navigating to the Free Agent Marketplace is simple, just click on Find Player/Team link in our main menu. Team Reps. are displayed a list of available Free Agents and have the option of extending an offer to the players by clicking “Send Invite”.

The registration system will then check if your team has any available Roster Tokens to use for offers and if you do, you will be asked to provide an ‘all inclusive’ price and whether or not you would like to provide your primary contact number in addition to your email, which is provided by default.

Team Rep. view of the offer form in the Free Agent Marketplace.

Once you have sent the offer the Free Agent in question will receive an email and will contact you with any questions. If both parties find the situation agreeable the Free Agent can accept the offer.

A successfully submitted offer for Keyser S.

As a Team Rep. you always have the option of revoking the offer the same way you would revoke a regular invite.

Learn more about Brampton Adult Soccer

Brampton Adult Soccer is celebrating its 25 year anniversary this year (2023) and continues to be the premier soccer destination for adults in Brampton and surrounding areas like Mississauga, Georgetown and Caledon that are looking to play soccer in an organized, structured, competitive and safe league. BAS provides outdoor soccer and indoor soccer in the city of Brampton but is open to soccer players from outlying areas.

Our league has seen well over 30,000 registered soccer players since inception and we’re not done yet.

Read all about BAS’ history here and here.

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