Striker FC: 1st Ever BAS Fair Play Champions

Becoming BAS Fair Play Champions isn’t an easy task and the higher a team sits in the standings makes the achievement arguably more difficult. Striker FC finished in 3rd this season, meaning that they had their share of meaningful, competitive, ‘everything to play for’ matches. The team went 12 matches receiving a perfect FPI rating of 5.00 from the match official in each and also managed to complete their season without a single booking.

How the Fair Play Championship works

During the pandemic the BAS Board of Directors voted to award a team with the BAS Fair Play Champions title if the following two conditions were met:

  1. Must complete all games in their schedule (no forfeits), and
  2. Must have a perfect FPI of 5.00 at the end of the regular season.

With the launch of the new in January 2022, maintaining a perfect 5.00 FPI has become significantly harder but a substantially more accurate reflection of a team’s actual Fair Play as infractions resulting in bookings (yellow or red cards) are deducted from the FPI score awarded by the match official.

What do the BAS Fair Play Champions get?

Any team in their respective division can become the BAS Fair Play Champions and receive a $1000.00 credit to be applied towards a future session. The Fair Play Championship can only be won once per a team as the aim of the title and prize is to encourage more teams to strive towards a higher Fair Play rating.

BAS Fair Play Champions Striker FC in semi-final action.
Striker FC vs. Levendi FC in the 2022 Outdoor Championship Semi-Final. Levendi FC were the eventual winners with a resounding 5:0 result in their favour.

Striker FC’s Fair Play Championship win ended up being a bittersweet award to end their season. A light bench, key players missing, they took to the field in their 2022 Outdoor Championship Semi-Final against Levendi FC, who despite finishing in 2nd are also arguably favourites to win it all. (Unless of course 1st place fliers Purple Haze have something to say about it.) Levendi FC were clinical and controlled the match which ended 5:0 in their favour. Levendi shared the scoring duties across their roster with 5 different goal scorers; Beckles, Le, Chantler, Nonis and Dickinson with a goal each.

The 2022 Outdoor Championship is scheduled for Friday, August 26th, 2022 at Kadeisha Buchanan Field, kicking off at 8:45 PM.

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