Ontario Soccer Brand Awareness Survey

In 2017, Ontario Soccer launched its new brand, including an updated visual identity. Much has happened in the five years since then and Brampton Adult Soccer would like its members to participate in the Ontario Soccer Brand Awareness survey to provide information regarding the current perception the Brampton soccer community has of the Ontario Soccer Brand.

Ontario Soccer is hoping to measure perception so they can learn, adapt and improve.

Ontario Soccer has invited all its members & stakeholders to participate in the survey. BAS, in turn, is inviting the entire Brampton Soccer community to participate in this brief, voluntary Ontario Soccer Brand Awareness Survey.

Please take 10 minutes of your time to provide your valued feedback.

If you’re wondering why this may be necessary or why you should complete the survey, it’s important to remember that public perception of soccer in Canada is vital to a lot of the resources we rely on.

The more popular and favourable the public perception of Ontario Soccer is, the more influence it has. Having a governing body like Ontario Soccer or Peel-Halton Soccer Association with a positive reputation lobbying municipal and provincial governments in favour of expanded facility access and lower costs is something that impacts every soccer player in our community. Whether you play for one team during the outdoor season, or if you’re from a family of footie-fanatics the plays year round, this should matter.

If we want to see improvement in both the quality and quantity of the soccer specific facilities we have access to, we will need our local governing bodies lobbying and advocating to the City of Brampton and the Province of Ontario to expand their commitments to soccer.

Survey responses will be kept strictly confidential and data from this research will only be shared as part of a larger aggregate group.

Take the survey now.