Hear from Brampton’s Chris Nanco

The Hammer of Sparx podcast is arguably the definitive, independent Forge FC & Canadian Premier League podcast with a focus on ‘getting to know the people in the CPL’ themselves. Not just as players but as individuals off the pitch. All of the episodes have been extremely insightful but we’d be remiss to not highlight Chris Nanco’s appearance on the podcast. (Links to Apple Podcasts, Spotify is embedded below.)

Chris Nanco is a product of Brampton’s rich soccer community and has attained great levels of success with Forge FC. Entering his 5th Canadian Premier League season with Forge FC this coming Saturday, April 15th, 2023 (tickets are still available and you should DEFINITELY get out to the match) Chris will look to aid his side in winning their 4th Championship in the CPL’s first 5 seasons.

The Hammer of Sparx podcast is a wonderfully insightful show run by Kevin Anderson, a member of the Barton Battalion since the Forge FC supporters group was first founded. Kevin’s holistic and sincere approach to interviewing Nanco and other Forge FC players has provided his listeners with a series of insightful and entertaining episodes. Unlike a lot of other sports/soccer/football podcasts, Kevin’s isn’t about fixtures, results, tactics, but is rather a celebration of the wide variety of individuals that are part of the Canadian Premier League. Thus far Anderson has focused on Forge FC players as that is whom he has the most access to, however, the podcast will be branching out to speak to other players, supporters of other clubs across the country and even enter into areas around Canada’s soccer culture away from the pitch.

BAS highly recommends subscribing to The Hammer of Sparx and getting an indepth understanding of the people within Canadian soccer that are changing things for the better.

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