City of Brampton to Provide Goal Meshes at Fields

You are probably aware by now that the City of Brampton has a new initiative whereby ALL senior fields (the ones you play at) will have meshes installed by the City for the outdoor season.

We applaud this time-saving effort, but does this mean you are no longer required to have your goal mesh handy?

No, it does not.

We caution against this simply because the last time the City of Brampton attempted this, many of the meshes ended up badly tattered at best or completely missing by July, at worst. The goal meshes at the fields attached to primary schools (i.e. Richvale) turn into jungle gyms at recess with the meshes soon destroyed.

So… …you are reminded of the published BAS rule:

No Meshes and/or Corner Flags: $50 fine payable by the Team Representative to BAS BEFORE the next match. The referee reserves the right to NOT officiate a match where mesh or corner flags are absent. In this case, the team without the equipment would forfeit.

Do not assume that since the mesh was present at a certain field on Week 2 that it will still be there Week 3, 4, etc..

Assuming the meshes stay up all season, the best thing you might have at your disposal will be cloth tape and zip ties to fix holes and gaps. While it may end up being a bit of work, it’s still a lot quicker and easier than having to put up a full mesh.

You should also notify the convenor at the match and/or email fields [a]* to report a missing or significantly damaged goal mesh, so that we can notify the City of Brampton accordingly.

*Replace the [a] with @ to send an email. We display emails this way to discourage bots from gathering addresses.

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